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The expression


is considered the most trusted to explain ladies who like many women, what most don’t realize is there differ kinds of lesbians. This little guide shall help you discover which class (or groups) you go with along with which you’re most attracted to.

Before we become into the manual, here’s probably one of the most crucial terms into the LGBTQ world –

Gold Star Gay

. In this instance it will be a gold-star lesbian, meaning obtained merely ever endured intercourse with women.  Now on to the a number of ‘Types of Lesbians’. Take note discover a huge selection of conditions and off propels to these.


– is the second common phrase familiar with explain a gay female.  Whenever used by some one that isn’t part of the LGBTQ , its regarded as offense.  There are lots of forms of dykes – infant dyke, diesel dyke, power dyke, etc.

Baby dykes

– Women who have only emerge are known as baby dykes. Like an infant, all things are fresh to them – obtained never managed homosexual issues or tradition before and are usually very excited to educate yourself on.

Power dykes

– or energy lesbians tend to be feamales in strong opportunities, they can be strong and independent.

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Diesel dykes

– have become manly lesbians who are able to have an even more hostile character, and they also go by butch.

Tricky Butch

– additionally know as «Dykes on Bikes», a lot like fabric sporting, bike operating females. These females are generally a bit more masculine.


– Women that adopt masculine characteristics are considered butch.  Butch women can be usually the dominating partner. They dress and quite often act much more manly then an average woman. You can find offshoots of Butch for example Soft Butch and tricky Butch.

Smooth Butch

– a smooth Butch typically wears much more male garments but may still have traditionally designed hair, beautiful nails. They’d secure in Butch and Femme/Lipstick lesbian. To sum up a Soft Butch she’d end up like the precious girl next-door definitely a tomboy.


– If you find that you’re a mixture of both femme and butch, you’re (a smooth butch or) a chapstick lesbian. These women are generally speaking androgynous; they dress a little manly but work much more female.

Blue Jean Femme

– A Blue Jean Femme is actually a rather feminine lesbian that is likely to prefer an even more casual garments.

Lipstick lesbians

– tend to be elegant lesbians, also known as femme.  They enjoy more feminine garments, make-up, boots and usually use more dresses and outfit.  The essential difference between femmes and lipstick lesbians is femmes generally date butch women where as lipstick lesbians date different girly lesbians.