Bye Felipe: Somewhere to Publicly Shame Rude Men

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A Felicia is a «random bitch that nobody is unfortunate observe get,» according to metropolitan Dictionary. Title is assigned to Ice Cube’s next-door neighbor in



whom tries to obtain his automobile or some grass. «Bye, Felicia,» he says, without generating eye contact.

Bye-ing Felicias became the meme preference for dismissing some body in an internet discussion, now it really is a pejorative popular this 1 Chick-fil-A manager made an effort to prohibit their staff members by using it. («Discover no person here named Felicia,»
the memo stated

But endurance regardless of undesirability isn’t a distinctively female attribute, and no place is the fact that much more apparent than in online dating. In October, a secret Twitter set of women in L.A. decided they required a male equivalent of Felicia to explain the guys who shown fascination with them, simply to switch hostile whenever they politely declined or dismissed them. They decided on Felipe,
and began an Instagram membership
in which they might accumulate display caps of Felipes doing his thing and laugh at them. Today, it has 278,000 supporters. The Cut chatted to founder Alexandra Tweten, 27.

Really does one dating site stick out as especially terrible with Felipes?

They may be very evenly spread-out across the board. A lot of seafood, Tinder and OKCupid, plus plenty of crazy Facebook communications — actually messages from folks they’re not pals with, in their «other» inbox. Dudes are giving these to women that already hitched or have boyfriends. I have text-message distribution, basically such a thing online. That is not even checking the unwanted cock photos. I have been uploading them in Bye Felipe also. I think about unsolicited penis photos to be sexual harassment and definitely aggressive. It really is essentially like flashing folks in public. It’s the ditto but on your phone.

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Maybe you’ve gotten any submissions which happen to be females lashing at guys?

I do believe I perhaps gotten one. And I also have become some submissions from gay men. I am considering uploading those. But it is nothing like contrasting apples to apples, once you check out the dynamics of energy in society. Direct males do not circumambulate in public being worried that women are going to overcome all of them upwards or catcall them. They don’t worry for their protection everyday, just staying in public. Its type of an immortalized version of catcalling, a documented type of what we see day-after-day.

Are guys lashing completely at you for phoning all of them down for lashing down at ladies?

I have gotten various upset emails within my email or on Facebook, nonetheless’ve mostly been asking,

Exactly why are you which makes us feel poor? Discover insane women, too.

I’ve been implicated of hating men. You will find several dudes just who troll the feedback in the Instagram account; I just don’t possess for you personally to police it. It blew up so fast.

Have any regarding the Felipes on their own contacted you?

I’ve obtained some emails from guys whoever photos had been up that have been truly mad. Really don’t commercially know the legality of it, therefore I got their photographs down. But we told them, «i’ll take your photo all the way down but because i do believe you have learned a beneficial lesson and I hope you do not content anybody else in this manner.»

Perform the submissions ever prevent getting amusing and be frightening?

Certain. The women that send them are want,

Oh it is ok today because i’ve a restraining purchase against him. With a standard dangerous guy, you’ll prevent him and report their account.

You usually do not need to deal with him once more. But i’ve been aware of guys beginning additional reports. One entry mentioned she blocked a man and then he messaged the girl again 2 times from two various other reports. However heard from no less than three different females when I posted it, acknowledging the man, claiming he is messaged them as well. That actually creeps me personally away.

Are you experiencing a reason your Felipe event?

I wanted to start out a discussion towards entitlement that the majority of men think they will have. It really is not all males. Nevertheless the people exactly who send these insane messages must be called out and publicly shamed. Really don’t think normal guys have idea its taking place. They never need to cope with it and unless we post them they never see it. Never assume all males deliver these messages, but all women on the web has received something such as this. Plus, folks in connections don’t realize just what it’s like getting solitary on line.

I’ve Tinder and an OKCupid account. I have that online dating sites is really irritating for genders, and therefore men normally have to message countless girls in order to get a response from individuals. But I think if they directed individuals they can be chatting … I do not imagine it’d be that difficult. Instead, it is simply:

Hey … hey there … want to get together? … hey bitch, as I speak with you response.


You ought to recognize me, and I have earned to-be talked to plus it does not matter who you are, if you don’t have time, if you are perhaps not curious.

I … can’t. Really don’t even understand.

It isn’t such as these dudes set a lot work inside overtures they may be therefore disappointed about.

I believe these guys simply need to examine by themselves and have,

Just why is it that folks are not addressing myself? Maybe i must work with myself

. I am wanting that message becomes around.